Strategy 1999 Windows Steffen Gerlach Empire management Alternate History Turn based

Forge your empire

Although C-Evo might be little more than a clone of Civilization 2, it actually turns out to be better than its inspiration in many ways and which thus makes it more than worthy of investigation by any serious strategy fan. The only point where it fails it comparison is the lack of online multiplayer (although it does support nine players in hotseat mode) but as far as singleplayer campaigns go, this is really where it's at. As with other similar games, the basic objective of this one is to take your nation from its earliest days and forge a mighty empire. As is usual, you'll have to expand your territory, create new relationships with your neighbors, battle with them, conduct research into various technologies, look for resources and so on. As you develop, you'll go through various periods in history and the game even takes you into space should you stick with it for long enough. Although C-Evo doesn't really do anything that's new for the genre, it's in the execution where it scores so highly and which means this is a must play if you have any interest in such things. Right from the start, this is highly accessible, so even if you haven't played such a game before, you'll be able to leap in without any difficulty. This isn't to say there's a lack of depth or content though, and you'll really need to have your best strategy hat on if you want to emerge victorious. The game also does a fantastic job at getting rid of tedious micromanagement and which streamlines things but again without a loss of depth. All in all, a fantastic title.

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