Clive Barker's Jericho

Adventure 2007 Windows Codemasters Horror 3D action adventure Action

A horror masterpiece full of dirt

Clive Barker's Jericho is a 2007 action game, a horror masterpiece, in my opinion. Clive first worked at another great game, called Undying and I am sure you all remember it. The story presents the mistakes made by God, in creating a figure that was supposed to resemble Him. This creature named the Firstborn now creates wounds on Earth, and it's your job to defend your world from his evil actions. You play as one of the seven members that form the Jericho team, the main saviors sent from the USA government. Each member has different skills (that include paranormal and magical powers) and uses different weapons. You are sent in the dessert to deal with the God's worst idea. The horror elements consist in the existence of terrifying supernatural creatures (enemies or victims), the massive dirt that characterises the environment and the darkness, your companion in almost every location. I was expecting a wider variety involving the creatures, but they are few, and after a while they aren't so creepy. Well, maybe I am too courageous, and you may not find this aspect too bothersome. The interface allows you to use the magical powers, and take note that the speed of your actions is very important, saving you from difficult situations. I have one big complain: the multiplayer misses, and I am sure this mode could have offered a more improved image to the general gameplay, that reminded the veterans of some classic shooters.

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