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Beautiful, anime styled horizontal shooter

CloudPhobia has a lot of points earned for esthetics and presentation. It is a modern, horizontal shooter game, with lots of character and poise, but also, a game that will not impress those that have lived on manga or anime bullet hells of pure Japanese production. That is because, while it looks amazing and is a fluent game, it is also not as highly dramatic or competitive than all these other games. Yeah, the style of the graphics of a bit of a sword with too edges. You will come to expect a lot more from it, but when you play it you will not have as much reason to cheer. However, and this is yet another reverse of this three sided medal, the fact that the game is easier than most, makes you more prone to admire it. So if you want a chill adventure in left to right gliding and shooting, very satisfying graphically, then CloudPhobia will deliver. Instead, if you want a proper hard game, download and play R Type, that one will put you through your paces much more thoroughly. This is mostly a feel good, look good, Sci Fi romp rather than anything else.

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