Storm Angel

Arcade 2003 Windows Loaded Studio Horizontal shooter Space combat Flight shooter

The aliens are back!

For the undemanding shooter fan comes this littleknown side scroller that is highly reminiscent of classic blasters like R-Type, Gradius and Blood Money. It doesn't do anything much with the established formula but for a bit of good old-fashioned fun, it certainly delivers the goods. It takes place in the future and once again, aliens have invaded our colonies and wiped out everything humanity sent in response. The aliens are now encroaching on our homeworld but we've got one last trick up our sleeves and that is Storm Angel, the most powerful ship ever designed and which is going to save the day. Of course, you're the pilot of this deadly beast of war, so it's your job to battle through thirteen levels of side scrolling action. There's all the usual features of such games, including fearsome bosses, multiple weapons which can all be upgraded to improve their already formidable power and of course wave after wave of ordinary grunts just waiting to be gunned down. There's also multiple difficulty levels, including a hidden one for experts only, plus some slick movie-style audio. Storm Angel is certainly far from original but shooter fans tend not to worry about such things and concentrate only on the action. And in this respect, this is a perfectly decent game. It's got some nice visuals, with plenty of cool ship designs and nice backdrops to enjoy as well as some impressive special effects. The weapons are satisfying and varied, while there's a lot of challenge here too, making this a solid effort which is worth a look.

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