Arcade 1988 Dos Topo Soft Horizontal shooter Flight shooter

King of the world!

This neat little underwater adventure plays out a little like sci-fi classic Starquake and while it suffers from a few annoying features, it remains an enjoyable enough piece of retro action. As you might expect, the action revolves around the legendary ship that is Titanic and is split into two main sections. The first part sees your little diver swimming around looking for the ship by exploring a series of underwater caverns while avoiding the various hazards that come your way. The second, assuming you make it that far of course, sees you performing similar duties but inside the wreck itself. The gameplay is a mixture of action and exploration, with the levels requiring lots of navigation thanks to their maze-like nature, while you are armed with harpoons with which to deal with your enemies. Speaking of which, these are largely split into two groups, those which actively hunt you down and those which will only attack if provoked, so caution is required. Titanic could have been a cracking little game but is unfortunately let down by some very annoying design flaws which really get in the way of entertainment. The collision detection is very poor, resulting in plenty of frustration as you get killed through no fault of your own. This leads to another problem, as when you die you have to start all over again, which again gets tiresome. There's also the bizarre way in which your harpoons move slower than you do, meaning that it's entirely possible to impale yourself on your own weapon, which as you might expect, proves irritating. On the plus side, the visuals are nicely atmospheric, and the gameplay itself is quite fun, as long as you can get past the problems. Check it out by all means, but expect a bit of a rough ride.

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