Last Defender

Arcade 2004 Windows Miguel Perez Horizontal shooter Flight shooter

Truly epic shooting action

Classical and fantastic is the word for this amazing horizontal shooter game which brings many features in a single game. I say so because most of the games manage to pull up a few traits which are needed in a game but it has them all. Starting with the plot, it's a typical one where you have to destroy the enemy and do all the shooting stuff. Coming towards gameplay, this horizontal shooting action is really destructive form the word go. They have incorporated 4 difficult levels which have their own features and elements and have their distinct missions. Though the 4 standards weapons in the game are pretty useful and destructive, you can gain access to the enemies weapons as well which are quite advance. The weapons are contained in the enemy ships which have been designed quite realistically and the action in the game is based on some very good animations. The diversity in the level designs has also been focused by introducing some unique elements in every other mission. All the features add to the replay value of this game and you can play it again and again. You can also add Last Dimension to your gaming playlist as it is also a fine game.

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