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The sequel to Defender is the same type of arcade side scroller

More interesting than the game itself is the story behind the production team. You see, Defender was developed by a small team for a cabinet game. Later on, after moderate success, they decided that the time had come for yet another game, but for some reason they decided to name the Stagate. This proved to be less of a smart decision, as there were issues with licensing, issues regarding the way the games were distributed on the diverse platforms and so on. So, in the end, the company found itself in trouble, and only for their fault, which goes to show that consistency, even if only in naming a product, is very important. At any rate, Stargate is a simple left to right shooter scroller. Much like R Type, you control a ship which can become more powerful with the accumulation of powerups, but you have to stay away from enemy fire as well as scenery. The DOS version is nowhere near as snappy looking as the cabinet was but it still is playable, and if you enjoy really old arcade style shooters, you will like this one as well.

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