Cobra Gunship

Arcade 1998 Dos Dosbox Elysium Digital Vertical shooter

You will love his shooter game

It is arcade side scrolling shooter game which I found very addictive because I still play this game 2 years after I first got it. The plot in the game is that an alliance of mercenaries have taken control of some of the oil field in Africa and Middle East. The UN has also jumped in the issue as this is creating a lot of problems in the oil supply to the world. You will be sent with a team of experts to regain the control of the field before the UN send in troops for doing the same. You will pilot a helicopter and the other team members include a communication expert and an explosive expert along with some others. You will be given instructions from the communication guy and will then follow those instructions. The helicopter is loaded with weapons and it can be controlled easily through the use of buttons for moving it in any direction you want. The graphics in the game are very smooth and clear and makes you enjoy all the action. The UI is very supportive for the gamers and the level design are quite creative. You will have to complete the mission within the weapons that you have and within your given energy which is shown at the bottom of the screen.

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