Major Stryker

Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox Apogee Vertical shooter Action

A great underdog arcade shooter game

Apogee software house has always carried a great repute in the gaming world and they are always good in arcade shooters like this one. It is a vertical or top down shooter game where you have a typical but full power action. The game has a very conventional theme but the action and the variety it has will not fail to make impact on the user. It will take you only a few hours to finish the game but those few hours will be full of excitement and fun. It gives you very detailed EGA graphics that are supported by some colorful backgrounds and a non-repetitive level design that gives you the diversity in the gameplay. Talking about controls, they are very smooth and realistic and they are sufficiently responsive to make the gameplay wonderful. The enemies that are there are very diverse and the A1 is good enough to give you a very competitive time at every section of the game. The enemies are very diverse and you will counter something new when you advance on in the stages. Apogee though discontinued this great underdog but is still played as an oldie classic. Also try out Darius Gaiden which is great shooter game from conspiracy entertainment.

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