Arcade 1997 Dos Dosbox Vertical shooter

Destroy all the enemies in space!

Obliterator is a cool space shooter game, a vertical shooter, pretty simple graphically, with a dark background and just a few colors for the enemies, most of them just white. The original idea of the game, the thing that will keep you playing is the multiplier basis on which the shooting and the points you get are set. You can go around killing the enemies, shooting at them, but you only begin to get more points when you've survives attacks without damage. Thus, you play to try to go flawless through the enemies that are more and more difficult. This will soon begin to be very hard, but, definitely, not impossible; the game is thus a cool points based shooter. It also has some really cool stages which get unlocked only if you gather a certain amount of points. So, you have to play dangerously, to amass as many points as possible and see these special portions, while also trying to play in such a manner so as to not lose any points. And this balancing act really makes the game very interesting. It's close by around games such as Gradius gameplay wise, yet never as well done graphically.

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