Arcade 1999 Windows Vertical shooter

Simple and beautifully realized vertical shooter

I like a bit of a bullet hell in my choice of vertical shooters, but sometimes I feel like taking a more relaxed route. And, when bullets flying from every corner of the screen is not what you are looking for, this game can definitely offer you just that. A production that has simplicity and ease of play written all over it! Also, the game benefits form a full color range, as well as from animations that are more well executed than those of the very early productions, which means that you won't have any issues from it. Yes, what makes it so palatable and immediate is also that which undercuts it: it can be a little bit too simple, not too many enemies, not too many bosses or too hardcore bosses. Nope, it is a game that you will just have to understand that it is about feeling good, relaxed about, not a game that will challenge you. For more strenuous games of the same make, see for instance arcade Tyrian or G-Sector, this one is for those times when you just want a well paced challenge, not an overwhelming buildup of difficulty.

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