Puzzle 2002 Windows J. Michael Ambrosio Brainteaser Indie Casual

Mastermind clone; guess the color puzzler

Codebreaker is a cool, well done puzzler game, that is all about color recognition patterns. The game starts you up with a grid; within this grid you will find a different number of squares, at first just a few, later on many more of them present. On the right side of the game you will find that there are the sequences of colors that you will have to match your left hand side colors. It's a game of shifting colors around, and this is done pretty classically; you choose which one you want to shift around and then you choose its place. However, as many more colors and squares are introduced, your task begins to be harder and harder; this is when a strategy/thinking in advance comes in; you have to consider not only your color arrangement at the moment when you shift the squares, but also you have to think in advance. But, overall, Codebreaker is a lot of fun, and its 8bit DOS graphics, with the EGA color array, while not mind blowing, looks good enough to keep you satisfied for long hours. So, if you like tile based puzzlers, this one surely will fit the bill. Alternatively, you might also like The Alchemist, yet another puzzler game, with a somewhat similar production and build, though isometric graphically, not top down/board game like.

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