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Marble maze with a balled mouse!

Tss, this sure is an epic (!) idea to justify why a marble or other spherical object would roam about in a maze! Why would it do it? Well, because inside the rolling ball is a living and highly energetic mouse! Yep, this is how this games justifies itself! So, after you come to terms with being an animal exploiter (!) you will be ready to go from maze to maze, trying to let your ball go where it needs to go. And where the ball needs to go is a very specific place; a finish line. But, the mazes can be treacherous and the way they are arranged they do take quite4 a lot from you to get used to them. As such, there is a lot of fine balancing acts, of escaping loops and making sure you don't fall out of the tight spaces that the game provides. As such, Hamsterbal is a simple game, but it puts a lot of effort in creating interesting mazes. Also, what the game also puts forth as interesting is a graphic theme that is unapologetic in stealing its visual cues from Marble Madness or from other games, so as to create an interesting space, each level that will make you give a nod to older games. Play it!

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