Lemmings Revolution

Puzzle 2000 Windows Take Two Interactive Brainteaser Lemmings variant

Graphically detailed, tactically challenging, lots of fun!

Lemmings Revolution is probably one of the most fun Lemmings titles from the oldschool era. It is also one of the first to make the jump to 3D graphics, which, given the way it was done, showcases that 3D engines don't have to lose none of their crisp, highly textural and highly polished characteristics. Also, this third dimension is used interestingly to give the game a third tactical dimension as well, and the developers really put some thought in how they could create tridimensional puzzles smartly. So, the game is mainly based on the lemmings traversing intricate tridimensional structures. However, they are so well produced, with regard to allowing the player to see what is going on (for instance, many of the game's levels take place in cylinder shaped structures, so that you can always rotate them and see where your Lemmings are at, while also being able to control and see them in terms of altitude) that you will absolutely love it. The game, while in 3D, remains true to the puzzle structure based on lemming cooperation that saw the 2D games rise to prominence, and therefore, Lemmings Revolution feels immediately accessible and familiar to anyone that has ever played a Lemmings game before. Absolutely fantastic!

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