Comanche 3

Simulation 1997 Dos Dosbox NovaLogic War Helicopter Military flight

Fun and graphically enticing helicopter sim

The voxel based graphics engine that was used in the entire Comanche series shows its zest and prowess in this third game rather well. The machines that were available by the end of 96 packed in a bit more punch and it was rather rare to find a PC without at least 32 MB of graphic RAM. Those specs are put to good use by the game, which builds sprawling world, with even more nicely looking, detailed terrain. Yes, you can't really say that the environments are photorealistic, but certainly they look better than ever. Also, on the plus side, gameplay wise, you will be offered just as diverse a range of missions as before. The game world, which now has become larger, with even more sprawling maps, has allowed the developers to combine smaller missions into larger overarching ones. Thus, you will at times have to destroy a silo on ground, rescue some soldiers, run to escape on the ground enemies or air followers. This nested mission build is the best asset of the game, and it is for this tat you are going to enjoy this game, in 2013, just as much as you might have done back in the day!

Rain fire on your enemies

The last types of games that would ever want to play are flight simulation games. It is not because that I hate these games, but I don't have the patience to play them. But Comanche 3 has changed my mind and offered hours and hours of entertainment. First of all, the presentation is excellent. I haven't seen any game this old to have so much variety from graphics to gameplay. One thing that I love about this game, is much realistic it feels. You can play from different kind of perspectives, from the classics first/this person perspective and cinematic style perspective that is now used in the 3D versions of Grand Theft Auto. I personally prefer the first person camera, because it offers a lot of info: the torque, the altitude, the status of your weapons etc. It makes you feel that you're in a real helicopter, raining fire on you enemies. There's a variety in weapons as well, you can choose between gatling guns, normal rockets, hellfire rockets and much more. There is no story in this game. It's just your typical game with a list of missions, each with different objectives. The graphics are a bit ugly, and in other parts it's as if the developers didn't have time to finish it. Fortunately, I looked past this issue thanks to the tons of fun I've had with this game. All in all, if you're looking to have fun with a combat helicopter, than Comanche 3 is for you.

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