Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Simulation 2006 Windows Microsoft Game Studios Flight Helicopter Civil flight

Relaxing and challenging entry in a long-running series

Microsoft's long-running series of civilian flight simulators has long been the go-to brand for anyone interested in taking to the sky without all the worry of being blown out it by fighter planes. This tenth instalment retains the franchise's reputation for high standards and brings a few enhancements and new features to ensure that anyone interested in flying for the sake of fun rather than combat is in for a good time. The game should appeal to both newcomers to the genre and veterans, thanks to its clever mix of accessibility and depth that ensures no audience is left out in the cold. It's very different from most traditional games, as there's no real point to it, other than simply jumping into the cockpit of the extensive selection of civilian craft and flying them for the sheer joy of it. There are pre-defined missions if you are interested in a bit more focus, but much of the game's enjoyment comes from the satisfaction of getting to grips with the controls, successfully taking off and landing and keeping your plane in the air. New aircraft on display here include the Airbus 321, the Beaver floatplane and the Boeing 737-800 and which all provide their own unique handling challenges. Visually, the game is also somewhat better than previous instalments, with sharper and more detailed aircraft models and some lovely scenery to enjoy out of the window. There might not be a whole lot of new elements here, but if you're after a flight sim that doesn't feature combat, this is a good choice, as everything is simply done so well.

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