Comanche 2

Simulation 1995 Dos NovaLogic Flight Helicopter

Faster, better, stronger: an evolution of the original

Well, Comanche 2 is not an evolution in leaps and bounds from Comanche, NovaLogic's helicopter sim/arcade, but it sure adds enough material to advance the experience and to make it worthwhile playing. What you get is a serious increase in the quality of the graphics, which, this time look more realistic, showcase larger and deer distances and also seem more detailed. The same graphic engine that uses voxel graphics is used but again, the quality is visible in all graphical elements, from the textures to the number of polygons and so on. So, ultimately, Comanche 2 is a game that remains as fun as the original, but foes the due diligence of taking it to the next level, which is, overall, a great experience to have. Ultimately, if you loved the original's take on helicopter action on the playing field, this one won't disappoint. Sure, it's not really a full on simulator, but a well designed arcade game that sure pays its dues. Try it, helicopter fans everywhere, it packs lots of missions, lots of diverse scenarios and is as fun as you expect it to be if you're into war helicopter games.

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