Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox NovaLogic Flight War Helicopter

A helicopter sim ahead of its time

Comanche is a game produced by Novalogic, the company that also brought us the Delta Force series of games series of games as well as the later Joint Operations games. At their core, the game company have always had a sweet spot for army simulations and for vehicular simulation, but they also were innovators and pioneers in some other, less known ways. The Comanche series of games, started in 1992 was interesting purely as a game and sim but also from a technology point of view. The game was among the first to make use of voxel based graphics. This allowed for the creation of far more detailed graphics, with more intricate elevations and without the need for ultra performance computers. The game itself was a helicopter simulator in which you were tasked with a diversity of tasks. You could be a fighter in certain missions, a rescuer on others and there were other interesting scenarios to be played as well. For a 1992 game, Comanche simply looks and plays extraordinarily well, and honestly I recommend it wholeheartedly. It's quite rare to find such an old game with such easy to learn controls and also very clear instructions of what it is that you need to do to accomplish your missions, so that you don't feel lost or confused.

The helicopter simulation

Comanche is a fantastic attack helicopter simulation game. The control of the helicopter was very convincing and the weapons were varied and realistic. They even included the ground effect caused by the rotor wash. One of the best weapons was the hellfire missile, true fire and forget behavior. This game was made by Novalogic, so the terrain and graphics were stunning for 1992, and still impressive today. The game is mission based, and does not have any multilayer or campaign mode. The missions take place in all sorts of different environments, including desert, forest, snow and anytime of day or night. Good thing the Commanche helicopter has night vision!

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