Comanche: Over the Edge

Simulation 1993 Dos NovaLogic Flight Helicopter

Top notch flying thrills

If you've ever wanted to step into the cockpit of the legendarily expensive (and now cancelled) Comanche combat helicopter, the Comanche series of flight sims is definitely your best bet. The original Comanche is a beautiful, if somewhat shallow and unrealistic sim (despite its claims otherwise) which offers players a series of 20 missions over the course of a campaign. This add-on pack for the base game throws in an extra four campaigns, each with ten missions, while also updating a few features and adding in some new elements. Perhaps the most obvious change, if you've played the original, is that the graphics are now somewhat fancier, with some nice effects on display and which help to showcase the new terrain types which have also been included. A few new enemy types are also added to the bill which offers series veterans to test their skills and try out some new tactics. However, probably the most interesting aspect of the game which has received an update, and which addresses one of the criticisms of the original, is that the controls have been tweaked to make them more realistic and less like an arcade-style shoot 'em up, which will undoubtedly please sim fans. The missions too are more varied and interesting now, with plenty of challenge to be found across the varied theatres of war and which provide some suitably exciting action and heaps of tense moments. If you're in the mood for some Apache Longbow-style thrills or are just a fan of the original Comanche, then this makes for a great game and which deserves to be checked out. Take a look at the first expansion pack, Maximum Overkill, too.

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