Combination Lock

Puzzle 1992 Dos Villa Crespo Software Word or trivia Platformer

Game show fun time

This is a computer-based version of perhaps one of CBS' lesser known TV gameshows and while it might not be quite in the same league as the likes of Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy, it remains a fun little experience. As usual, the goal is to win money (sadly not real) over two rounds of quiz-based action. In the first round, players must answer a multiple-choice trivia question which, if answered correctly, then allows them to choose a numbered box. Boxes each contain one of four messages, 'locked', 'open', 'cash' or 'burglar', which respectively allow the game to continue; give the player some cash and reveal part of the combination to the vault; give them more cash; or loses some of their stash money. Once all three numbers to the lock have been discovered, round one is over and round two commences. Here, players must again answer questions in order to get the chance to try out various combination of the code to the vault but it can all end in disaster if the player reveals a burglar. Alternatively, they could walk away with everything. Combination Lock is certainly original enough to make it worth a look for gameshow fans. The concept might seem a little complex on paper but it all works pretty smoothly in practice. There are enough questions to ensure that you shouldn't get too many repeats, so you can keep playing for some time. It does of course work best with real human players, as there is something very unsatisfying about beating a computer opponent. Add in the slick visuals and TV-style presentation and you have a neat little quizzing experience.

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