Columbus Discovery

Puzzle 1992 Dos Gamos Board games Platformer

Adventure and edutainment about the Discovery of America

Columbus Discovery is a great edutainment title, whose main goal is to teach you how America was discovered. In terms of the manner in which the game is delivered, this is a very diverse adventure game; some of its parts resemble the production of a board game, but there are also classic adventure portions, point and click, as well as portions that are delivered sidescroller style. The main puzzle is that you have to figure out a way to form an image, with up to 30 jig fragments. These can be rotated, turned around and manipulated. It's like a classic jigsaw puzzle, yet it is pretty cool, and it is also pretty well produced, and will offer you as much diversity as you'd want. Plus, Columbus Discovery is very satisfying from the point of view of the production value that it has, and it will not let you down. Overall, the cool treats, the music and animations awarded to you when you've finished a level are very satisfying, so certainly, they are worth looking into, playing, as long as you like jigsaw puzzles. Else, download Discovering America, still a puzzler, yet a great one, much better edutainment value considered.

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