Cannon Fodder

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Organized forces Real time War Tactical Action Arcade

Soldiers for the meat grinder

If you have not yet played any of the Cannon Fodder games, the first one is probably the best place to start. A classic commando war strategy game, you must control your small platoon of soldiers and lead them to victory against all odds. The game is quite difficult, but once you get your strategy right, it actually becomes much easier. Your units gain strength and rankings as they gain more kills just like in a real life war scenario; it is a novel concept that has been built on in many strategy games since. You become familiar with your soldiers as they each have a name and rank. Throughout the game you can gain power ups, grenades and other assorted weapons which gives the game a feeling like it is a bit like Worms by Team 17. While the game is only single player, it is still hilarious to play and entertaining. You lead your troops to cross various terrain and environments, complete various objectives and destroy the enemy bases. It really makes you feel like you are a commander of a small army unit like in the real time strategy game Dune 2, but with more action. A highly recommended game you should download.

Hard to finish

Wow. I remember I completed this game, but it was very hard! In Cannon Fodder you lead a certain number of soldiers in the attempt to reach the goal of each level. You can repeat your attempts until you have available soldiers, so you have to preserve as much units as you can to play the next levels. Each soldier has a different name. Between a mission and another you'll see a hill with the tombstones of the dead soldiers, while the ones survived will be available to play the next level with a higher grade. There are many levels each one with a different goal and -sometimes- you can use extra-weapons like bazooka or grenades. In some levels -the best ones- you'll also be able to use vehicles, tanks, cannons... Each time you have first to find the right way to reach the mission goal. At last there's a good mix of strategy and frenetic action. I suggest to try this game...

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