Command H.Q.

Strategy 1990 Dos Dosbox Ozark Softscape Alternate History

Take over the world with this fantastic strategy game!

Command H.Q is one of the earliest real time strategy games (like Empire Deluxe) for the PC and a winner of multiple awards, the reason being that it was very advanced for its time, and really is a superb game. The game is about world domination. You play the game in a fully revealed world map. As always, you start small and the more cities you have, the more income in money and resources you will receive and the game will get progressively more complicated and a lot harder. One of the best quality of the game is the fantastically written AI, that really gives you a hard time, and you have all the freedom and capacity to do all kinds of strategic plans you want, and the game will act accordingly, with superb plans of its own. Set in an alternate history, you take part in the three (not two) World Wars, and one post apocalyptic war in the far future. There are relatively few unit types and their availability differs according to the scenario. If you like team playing online, it is possible to do that over DOS games simulators. The graphics are not much, but this is one of those instances where that hardly matters, since the gameplay is ingeniously challenging and very interesting and dynamic. Truly a game for the fiercest of strategists, and a great treat. A masterpiece for its time!

Great old game

I bought the game years ago and have played it for years. If anyone can show me how we can play it online against another human it would be great. They don't make 1200/2400 baud modems anymore! This game you really have to think like a general against your opponent. You can faint a attack toward the top of Europe and then come in through the soft under belly of the Continent. Just as in a real war you must place strategic forces in proper areas to protect you sphere of influence as well as your resources.

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