Final Frontier

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The war of the robots!

A Microsoft game of yore that you didn't know about?! Well, sure enough, there weren't many of these titles, and generally the very casual Microsoft titles never managed to get a lot of traction. But, in particular, this game here is not a bad one, not at all. It's a pretty good strategy game, in which you will control robot teams to fight against each other. It's the most casual strategy game you could ever expect to see, especially from the likes of Microsoft, and, to its glory, it's so small and immediate that it's absolutely a joy to start a new skirmish in a, say, 15 minute break. It looks a bit dated, sure, and the graphics will be a point of contention that I don't think many will put up with, with if you don't care extremely much about that, there is lots of fun to be had with it. But remember, only for short bursts of time. Else, the lack of polish, the lack of too many units and of strategic depth will after a while take its toll. So, play it sparsely, otherwise it's minimalist nature will take a toll on your enjoyment of it. And download Mega Lo Mania for a similar arcadey strategy, if you can stomach that description, just as great for short and sparse playthroughs, and with much better graphics.

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