Nuclear War

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A fun, satirical approach to a nuclear war game

Nuclear War is a 1989 turn-based strategy game. In this game your objective is to arm or defend yourself from nuclear weapons. There are different types of weapons you can build, between 10-100 megaton missiles and bombers, as well as defensive tactics as well, if you believe yourself to be the target of an incoming attack. You play against 4 bots, each having their own strategies. Throughout the game, you can make alliances and enemies, and they will aid or attempt to destroy you based on how much they like you. This is a feature that still exists in a large part for games today. However, in this game I found it very difficult to maintain alliances, as most times the AI would end up firing a nuke on me for no reason, even when we were supposed to be working together. The graphics and sound of this game are standard for the time. There is no music, but there are different sound effects for each military action. There seemed to be a problem when a nuke soared through the air, as it would sometimes disappear en route and appear somewhere else before landing. There is no help option in the game, so you either have to find the manual, or look it up online. Therefore it takes a few games to learn how to play. It reminded me of Civilization, except with only nuclear weapons! Between the humorous character names, random disasters, and dialogue, this was a fun and entertaining game to play.

Don't go nuclear

Nuclear War is a game with a very simple objective, and that is to kill everyone on the planet and make your nation the only one left alive.(There were two sequels NW2 and 3) This single player strategy game is released in 1989, when the Cold War was still a thing, and it became a big success very soon. You play against three other computer controlled players and, by using propaganda or sheer nuclear power, you have to destroy them, making you the last man standing. The game is a satire in itself, since it uses a very serious problem at the time and makes it into a mockery. Even the character names are satirised, such as Ronnie Raygun who is actually Ronald Reagan, P.M. Satcher actually being Margaret Thacther and so on. The graphics are really good for the time it was made and the sound is more or less average but the gameplay and the idea of the game themselves are the real reason why this game was such a hit. The game has a very original idea and is very funny and fun to play, so I recommend it to all strategy lovers.

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