Red Lightning

Strategy 1989 Dos Dosbox SSI Alternate History

Turn based strategy/war game in a fictional WWIII

A really classic tabletop war game at heat, Red Lightning offers you the chance to find out which nation would win in an armed conflict set in the future. Though the premise does not try to recreate any past historic event, it is powerful because it kept in mind the economic and military situation, as good as it could manage at the end of the 80s, of the power structure and military structure of Earthen nations. The simulation per se, while very dense and sometimes even obtuse doesn't however manage to be too player centric. You will either have to become a micromanagement machine or simply leave too much to chance. Depending on which nation you will play as, your goals can differ greatly, offering you the chance to be a dominator or to simply manage to keep your position within the general grasp of the economic and military situation. So, a nice simulation, but not as nice a play experience, this game surely addresses only the most experienced strategists out there, and those that have a love for exploring the consequences of a third global scale conflagration.

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