Action 2001 Windows AxySoft Third Person Arcade style Casual Minigame Arcade

Gobble that fruit

If you can't guess it from the title, this is another in the long line of Snake clones that have been cluttering up desktops since time immemorial. And like the hundreds of copies out there, this one doesn't offer much in the way of anything new, apart from one very obvious feature, but it remains strangely addictive and is worth a look if you really need to kill twenty minutes during your lunch break. In case you've never been introduced to the delights of Snake, the idea here is to guide your little snake around a maze-like environment while gobbling up fruit and avoiding the various enemies and hazards that are also wandering around. Hazards include rocks and tree stumps and enemies include dragonflies bees, wo may steal your food and slow you down. Once you get enough food, the exit opens up and it's on to the next very similar level. Differences here include the option of three different snakes to control and of course, the 3D perspective which allows you to vary your viewing angle between far away and close up. There's certainly nothing overly original here and although the addition of the 3D perspective is novel, it's not something which adds a great deal to the essential gameplay. It does however make the game look a little nicer and more distinctive, with some attractively bright and vibrant levels to explore. The gameplay is where this does score though and although it's obviously very simple stuff, it does have that one-more-go quality that classics like Pac Man possess in abundance. So, for a pure time wasting, high score chasing good time, this isn't a bad choice.

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