Finding Nemo

Action 2003 Windows Noviy Disk Third Person Adventure

Just keep swimming!

Disney can usually be relied upon for some pretty solid cartoon gaming, with the likes of platformers such as Aladdin and Lion King providing heaps of entertainment. This kids game also does a great job of recreating the fun of the classic animated movie and is equally worthy of adding to your collection. This one doesn't really follow the plot of the film, unlike the adaptation of say, Toy Story 2, but instead it aims to provide an all new experience based on the most iconic characters. Here, your main goal is to help Nemo become a true Super Swimmer and which is achieved by completing a series of seven mini-games. These activities mix action and puzzle solving, and require a variety of skills but which also aim to teach players about concepts such as perseverance, courage and so on. You'll meet up with characters like Dory and Marlin along the way, while there are also a number of clips taken directly from the film to give it a truly authentic flavor. As you'd expect from Disney, this one looks absolutely lovely and really nails the movie's look and feel perfectly. The visuals are lush and detailed, recreating Nemo's underwater world with style and charm, thanks to the gorgeous environmental design. The gameplay too is highly enjoyable, thanks to the mix of activities offered through the different games. They're always fun, quite challenging but without being frustrating and it's nice to see a game actually trying to teach kids about qualities they can use in the real world. Overall, a great addition if you're a fan of the movie, or Disney in general.

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