Conflict: Korea

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox SSI Politics War Strategic scope Historical

Wargame focused on the Korean War of the 1950s

Conflict: Korea is a very specific wargame: The conflict that it focuses on is the one that took place in Korea during 1950 and 1951. The engine used to bring the game to life is the one used for the larger and more expansive game Conflict: Middle East and the graphic as well as the controls are exactly the same. This will bring a plus of know-how and will allow those that are familiar with this engine to quickly jump into the action and take decisive action, but if not, you will find that the engine is a really friendly one, given however its age (it was originally produced in the early 90s). So, to cut to the chase, in Conflict: Korea you will both play recreated scenarios but you can also rewrite the history. This can be done because the game has an option of free playing, on a free map, and thus your game is not stopped after you meet a certain number of win states. The game however, had its number of problems, many of which had to do with the ageing interface, but, as mentioned, those that were ok with it from Conflict: Middle East might not find it as awkward. So, basically it's a try it and see for yourself, but, definitely, make sure you are an avid wargaming fan, this isn't your regular casual Joe's game.

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