Action 2002 Windows Microids Mystery Third Person Adventure

Sneak 'em up

Similar in some ways to the likes of stealth 'em games such as the Assassin's Creed series, this is an interesting but ultimately unrewarding experience that is perhaps best left on the shelf unless you're an absolute diehard fan of such things. The setting here is perhaps the best thing, with the game taking place in 14th Century France when the Holy Inquisition was at the height of its powers and fear and poverty ruled. You play the part of a young thief named Matthew who is captured while going about his business and thrown into jail. While there, he hears of the legendary treasure of the Templars and which thus sets about an epic adventure to find the ultimate score. What follows is an isometric game which sees you exploring numerous grim environments such as the winding streets of Paris and the unpleasant sewers, while sneaking around guards or stabbing them from behind. You'll leap across rooftops, pick locks, steal from the unwary, all the while making it one step closer to the secret of the Templars. This is fairly obviously a low budget affair and suffers from numerous problems that come with such a game. Little money was invested in the visuals, which are pretty rough stuff, while the controls are also fairly ropy and awkward, making things a bit frustrating, especially the lack of mouse support. The enemy AI is also a bit wobbly and while the puzzles are a bit easy, they're fun to solve and the essential gameplay is generally enjoyable. However, there's not much replay value so really, this is one that is easily skipped.

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