Conflict in Vietnam

Strategy 1986 Dos Dosbox Microprose Historical Real time War

A must have strategy war game

This war-game has a great merger of all the ingredients that makes it stand among the list of the best war games. Talking about the ingredients, there is fun, variety, strategy and a fine user interface which makes the game truly diverse. The best thing here is the real time play which has been supported by swift controls and lots of options. The game basically covers the most renowned wars that took place in World War 2 and in Vietnam. The A1 is unique and is very competitive which is normally not seen in many other games. The A1 utilizes some very good and accurate historic strategies which mean that what you are getting here is quite realistic and exciting. It also features a great head to head or one on one mode which is very exciting. The scenarios are interesting and not only you have realistic scenarios, but there is also some very interesting hypothetical scenarios which makes the game even more absorbing. A well balanced mixture of the fun and strategy has been devised which won't let you bore at any point. Not to mention the graphics which are truly suited to this game and to the times when it was released.

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