Strategy 1989 Dos Turcan Research Systems Limited Historical Real time

Obsolete graphics at release, unusual and beautiful today

Austerlitz is a strategy game, real time, with scarce managerial and economic additions. However, tactically, it is a fair game. But what makes it worth looking into, what the selling point of this game may be today is the way the graphics look and the way they were developed. I bet there might be some developers today that would look to recreate this esthetic today, in HD, sure (!) just for the love of it. But when this game was released the minimalist black on green graphics were delivered so because of technical limitations. Thus, it would be a bit of a waste of time to talk about accuracy and historical appropriateness. Nope, instead, what this game is all about is its strangeness. Sure, that too can vane in a shot time, but after you install it it takes quite a bit to find out that this is a totally playable game, actually manageable and nice to sink into. So, along with Waterloo, this makes for a strange and rewarding visit of France's history, in the best possible ways. Ultimately, Austerlitz is a game that, genuinely could no longer exist, so that too adds to its conceit.

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