Arcade 1984 Dos Kevin Bales Platformer Single screen

Simple graphics, lots of enjoyment

Jumpjoe is a most basic platformer, featuring a character that is no more than a stickman figure. When he moves, he does not flail his arms or move his feet, but that will not phase you. Instead, you will focus on the task at hand, avoiding the zombie baddies, and try to locate and find the exit. As such, Jumpjoe manages to create a very nice overall game, indeed with the most limited set of graphics, but with good enough diversity in its one screen levels. There were platformers that were better looking in 1984, but this one manages a minimalistic style and feel that is hard to pull off, and I do commend it for this! What might trouble you at times is the rather flimsy music, which you will want off, from the get go, a monotone synth one single track and also, the shoddy platformer collisions, which at times will be traversed through, putting you in a lot of stress. So, do play Jumpjoe if you love purebred platformers and do not mind a graphical style that does not exceed with much the possibilities of an Atari 2600 console and an almost monochromatic palette of colors.

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