Arcade 1987 Dos Dosbox Konami Platformer Shooter

The DOS version of an NES masterpiece

If you were born in the 70s, you would have been the exactly right age to really love the insanity of movies such as Terminator or Rambo, and therefore, when you got the chance to embody these characters, their badassery and sheer fire power, it sure was a holiday! That was what Contra had done, for some on the NES, for some, a bit later on the DOS or some other platforms. The game is the perfect 8 bit left to right shooter, with some other stages interspersed around, to add a bit more variety to the gameplay and to keep you entertained. As expected, the game is hard and at times unforgiving, but not in the manner that would give pause to the Angry Nintendo Nerd, rather in a manner that you got used to. What I mean to say is that the game was hard but it never took you by surprise. Yes, it had lots of enemies and a hell bullet awaiting almost at every corner, but if you had your execution right and focused, you could beat the game. And that was it, the game drew you in, it showed you that it could be beaten and it always gave you a new weapon or some other little element to keep you going. Yes, hard, badass, but really great overall. Play Platoon as well, after you're done with Contra.

A classic action platformer

Contra, a great game on the NES and also a great port to the PC. The game is famous for it's NES port. Also known as "Probotector" in Europe and Australia, Contra is an all out platform action game that will have you squirming how many times you die per minute. There are famous Contra cheat codes that some people know off by heart so don't feel like a wuss for using them. Famous for being 2 player, this game can also be enjoyed with one person, but my main complaint is how absolutely hard the game is. I never got that good at the game, but it it quite fun, how much action is thrown at you. It is one of those games, the more you play it the better you get at it. You are constantly getting upgraded weapons. It is like you are playing as Rambo. It also reminds me possibly where the "Metal Slug series" originated from. Contra also had a couple of sequels with Contra III: The Alien Wars being one of them that are also worth checking out.

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