Rambo 3

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Taito Vertical shooter Shooter Epic

An OK old school overhead fighter/adventure

Rambo 3, the movie, spawned a lot of games, all more or less interested in capitalizing on the success of the film. There were versions for arcade cabinets, but later on personal computers and home computes got their own version. The IBM compatible version was the better version of the game, in the sense that it featured better graphics than most other consoles or other platforms. Particularly, compared to the ZX Spectrum version which was really cut down graphically, the DOS version looked pretty good. The game is an action oriented top down fighter and shooter in which you play Rambo. Rather than follow the events of the movie, the game has its own little plot. You will fight human enemies as well as mechanized units and you will also get to find better weapons, while at first, your only weapon is your trusty knife. Overall, the game is ok, though the level of detail and the mechanics could have been worked a little more thoroughly. At least, in the DOS version you get to see some animations that are renders from the movie, which might be a cool addition if you were a fan of the Rambo series.

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