Metal Slug 5

Arcade 2004 Windows SNK Platformer Horizontal shooter

The last game of the most popular arcade-shooting series

Metal Slug 5 is the last game of the most popular arcade-shooting series. The story presents the syndicate named "Ptolemaic Army" that sabotaged the developing process of the next-generation of Metal Slugs. And because this wasn't enough, they stole the disk that includes Metal Slug top-secret information. The soldiers Marco, Tarma, Eri and Fio are put in charge to stop the evil plans of this syndicate and to take back the disk. These four characters will be controlled by the player, their maneuvering being the same. You will use numerous weapons like machine-guns, rockets, lasers and other powerful guns meant to annihilate the massive hordes of enemies and soldiers, even pirates, tanks, airplanes, submarines, snow men, and many other types of enemies. Wow, now that's what I call a real action! The "slugs" are very important when dealing with enemies. They come in various forms like submarines, tanks, and so forth. And if you don't possess a slug, you have to use your own strength and skills to defend yourself. There are reincorporated 3 guns and 2 vehicles from the last games , as well as new interesting 3 vehicles. The graphics are splendid as we got used to in the previous games, everything is vivid, colorful and outstanding. And the soundtrack is great! Don't miss it!

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