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A sidescroller action about the Nam War

I loved games such as Contra on the NES, and so, whenever I got the chance to see a similar blend of sidescrolling and shooting, I was always excited. And, to its credit, Platoon is exactly that, an absolutely amazing sidescroller shooter, where you are a Rambo like character, the enemy is much more overwhelming in numbers than you, but, ultimately you really are the better operative. Interesting for its design, Platoon manages to create the sweetest 8bit looking environments, full of vegetation, full of life, in which enemies can surprise you at all times. It's also got that feel as if it is a beat em up, the player character looks like that, but, nonetheless, the entire game works great, creates a mighty fulfilling experience, one that sure is worth sinking into. So, without question, your experience with it will be a very satisfying one, because this game is very well paced. When you think you've had enough, even a bigger challenge arises, a boss or a plethora of enemies that want nothing more than to get you. But the game is never out of bounds hard, which is why it is so satisfying to sink into. Definitely a staple of war inspired sidescrolling action!

Inspired to Oliver Stone movie?

I don't know if Platoon was officially inspired to the famous Platoon movie or not, but it is very similar, both set in Vietnam war. I played on Commodore 64 a lot of years ago and the game was awesome. You are a soldier, well you have a platoon of five soldiers, in Vietnam jungle and have to complete the missions by killing the enemies (pay attention to innocent villagers). There are several mission and I suggest you to play this old gem: of course, it is not Call of Duty, but you will enjoy a lot.

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