Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Action 2004 Windows Capcom Military War

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The best Counter Strike

Counter Strike is one of the best FPS ever created in the history of video games. Till now CS still being played by gamers around the world. One of the CS series is Counter Strike: Condition Zero. Released in 2004 by Valve, this game come with new surprise. some quite good and some rather disappointing. The good point of this game is now the "offline mode" is available to play. It consists of Six grade challenge and total of 18 mission to play. You have to complete each set of three missions before moving to the next level. At each new level, the challenge level increases until the last. The missionitself is very challenging even for veteran CS player. Each level is allow you to defuse bomb, rescue the hostage or fight with a number of terrorist, but you will not act as lone wolf, you can take along some back up by buying a bot. Each bot cost differently depending on their ability and skills. And each of them also have prefered weapon. The graphics is good, environtment is well polished, but the blocky player model ruined it all. sound quality also good, you can hear enemy movement and weapons fire. Last word, despite the graphic quality of the player model the gameplay save it all, and this game is worth play.

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