Creature Crunch

Adventure 1996 Windows Class6 Interactive Cartoon Point and click

Crunch those creatures!

Followers of classic point and click comedy adventures like Monkey Island and Sam and Max might be tempted to check out this similar offering and while it's not quite in the same league as these gaming legends, it's still worth a look. This one is more aimed at slightly younger players and when considered in this context, it provides a decently entertaining romp through a cartoon world. The story here finds a bold young lad being turned into a monster by the rather unpleasant and slightly mad Dr. Drod and who must now escape from his mansion in an attempt to end this nightmare. In gameplay terms, this involves exploring the mansion and solving the slightly out there puzzles but this isn't the inventory-based kind of puzzler and instead relies on clicking on pretty much everything you see in order to figure things out. The game's main draw is its humour and it is aided in this respect by the vocal skills of famous comedians Eugene Levy and Martin Short. If you're in the right mood and don't mind some occasionally puerile jokes, then this is pretty amusing stuff, with some genuinely funny one-liners and gags that will do more than raise a smile. The gameplay itself fares slightly less well and although it gets off to a good start, with some clever puzzles, it soon becomes apparent that all following puzzles can be solved in pretty much the same way, while the incessant pointing and clicking gets a little tiresome. However, the visuals are still pretty good, with some charming design work and while it lasts, this makes for a fun ride that doesn't take itself too seriously.

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