The Neverhood

Adventure 1996 Windows Dreamworks Interactive Humorous Cartoon

A claymation adventure, unique, with great puzzles

At the time when this game was released the claymation technique used for the animations and world building that the game is based on, was a first for a game. Today few games ever go that road, and in the past about a handful adventures have been using similar methods. Yes, the end result is a surreal, impressionistic type of deal, a work of art that is not something you'd usually get to see in a game, and so, if not for any other element, this is why you should play this game. However, The Neverhood is also a pretty well produced adventure, featuring the usual kind of things that make an adventure gamer tick; there are lots of puzzles, some that will test your endurance, and well, out of the box thinking (or, rather, how disposed you are at trying to combine things until something happens) as well as logic and find the object puzzles. The game also features really cool music, which adds to the weirdness of it, though, don't worry, it can be played by children without them having nightmares! So, yeah, hard to actually think of a similar game, but maybe Toonstruck offers something just as weird (though not as well executed, or that aged that well).

Not like anything you've seen before

This game is truly one of a kind. I have never, and will never, see a game as phenomenal as this one. Made 100 percent out of clay, we follow Neverhood in his unusual world on a path to discover the truth about how his world was made and to defeat the main bad guy in this game. To hear the whole story, you have to play a video. But just like putting coins in a jukebox to play a song, you have to put little clay plates to play part of the video. You collect part by going to various rooms and solve all kinds of puzzles, from audio puzzles to graphic ones. I can't even try to describe how original the whole Neverhood universe is made. The soundtrack is also something else. There are words in the songs, but they are not even earthly. But still, they fit the game like a charm. There are alternative endings, so you will probably want to play this game plenty of times. It's all about choices. This is truly a remarkable and unique game. I think that the fact that I have played this game dozens of times and even after more than 10 years I want to play it again shows enough about how amazing this game is. For more fantastic adventure games, try Little Big Adventure.

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