Le petit Chaperon Rouge

Adventure 1991 Dos Coktel Vision Cartoon Point and click Education

Enter a story book world

This might be better known to most people as Little Red Riding Hood and actually forms another entry in the Once Upon a Time series, alongside Abra Cadabra and Baba Yaga. If you've played either of those two games you'll know what to expect from this one, and it stands up well alongside them. If you're not familiar with the series, it's a collection of interactive story books, which aren't quite text adventures in their own right but which are bit more like the choose your own adventure books which have proved enduringly popular. This one obviously is based around the classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf and allows players to venture into the storybook world in a new and unusual fashion. Intriguingly enough, you can actually take on both roles in this game, which encourages replay as your objectives are very different depending on who you play as. If you select the young heroine, you can expect to go searching for ingredients to bring to grandmother, try your hand at catching butterflies and of course taking on the wolf in a head-to-head showdown involving a very big stick. Play as the wolf and you'll find yourself hunting animals through the forest and trying to rip that pesky girl's throat out with your claws. On the whole, this is a pretty successful little kids' adventure, with a mix of gameplay styles that actually comes together very well. The visuals are quite impressive for such a title, with personality-filled characters and surprisingly effective environments to explore, while the adventure itself is thrilling enough to keep most young gamers happy for a while.

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