Creatures Village

Simulation 2001 Windows Kalypso Media Science Nature simulation Virtual life Educational Casual

A bundle of Creatures adventure scenarios and playgrounds

In Creatures Village you still get to experience that very same gameplay that made the series interesting and highly enticing: that is the breeding of creatures, the taking care of them, the actual playing with them, engaging with them as if they were alive and putting them in new scenarios and seeing how they react. So, Creatures Village is still about those types of interactions; it offers you new adventures, new interactions and new playgrounds. Basically, what this means is that the game offers you more tools, more backgrounds where the creatures will have more to do; technically, the pack, along with the graphical additions, basically adds new behaviors and new AI lines/instructions to your creatures making them more lively and adding to their repertoire. Graphically, in terms of the visual quality, the game is really, really great! The graphics are flashy, the animations are lovely and awe inducing, basically, for Creatures aficionados, providing the tools for even further...enslavement, hehe! Yap, Creatures Village too is about that toolbox/toolset/dollhouse kind of thing, where you basically can write your own adventures and interpret the onscreen animation as you see fit. Alternatively, see some other Creatures games, or, evidently, one of those Sims games that share the same voyeuristic fetish ideas!

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