Creatures 2

Simulation 1998 Windows Mindscape Science Nature simulation

Tamagotchi 2.0!

Creatures 2 is a cartoony 2D Tamagotchi kind of game where you have to breed, see your creatures develop and keep a close eye on their development as they grow. Thus, Creatures 2 can be a really entertaining experience for those that love Sims type of games that don't necessarily look for realism, but are more interested in having fun poking around, managing and seeing their creatures develop. Like you'd expect, things can pretty much spiral out of control when your virtual shed gets a few active creatures, though in this second installment their behaviors are a little more diverse, ranging from introvert (introvert creature, hehe!) to the happy go lucky, break all, make a mess of it all types that are the heart of the game. The beauty of the game is that at times the creatures can engage in patterns of activity that are pretty cute and soul infused, sort of, which just keeps you pinned watching them for hours on end. Also, Creatures 2 is much better looking than the original version and more diverse overall. Truly a game worth looking into, as it can really prepare you for having a real pet!

Cute simulation game

In this sequel game directly coming from Creatures 1, you have to simulate the three species and make them live. It is a simulation game where you can simulate life. Also you can run a 2 dimensional ecology system with plants. Develop the creatures and make them speak. This is a great game for kids under the age of twelve, but anyone can play this game. You will find several gadgets and bonus points everywhere. This version of creature comes with better graphics and sound quality. Previous version was also very popular for excellent graphics and simulation. Also some bugs of creature 1 are fixed in this version. Although there are some latest versions of creature are available in market still creature 2 is a great game to play. Overall it is a very cute game for kids and also adults. You can play this game with your kids.

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