Creatures: the Albian Years

Simulation 2004 Windows Digital Game Factory Science Nature simulation Virtual life Educational

Tamagotchi like with platforming elements

The Creatures series is well known to the players that have always had a weak spot for games in which you can raise a virtual pet. However, unlike the handheld gaming craze of the 90's in which you fed and cared for a virtual pet, in this series there is a lot more to do. Because, after your creature spawns you can set on a world of adventure with it, thus having a lot more to do with it. At any rate, Creatures: The Albian Years is not a new game, but is a compilation that contains levels and creatures from Creatures 1 to which the Life Kit is added as well as Creatures 2 and its expansion packs. Therefore, you have a world of creatures to choose from and the game also features a lot of other nice extras, plus many of the bugs of the originals were cut out. So, if you ever wanted to be the guardian angel for a world of virtual creatures, now you can do, similar with games such as Sims but definitely in a world of its own. The norms, the creatures which are the center of attention in this game are all customizable and also their behavior is very life like. Therefore, you can grow attached to them, and you always get a slightly different one with each new egg that hatches. Thus, the replayability of the game is indeed enormous.

Breed and raise your personal aliens

Much like Spore and SimLife, this game is a great nature and life simulator game that lets you create, breed, raise and manage alien creatures in a imaginary world known as Albia. You manage their creation and follow them from childhood to adolescence and adulthood, all to their death, and have to take care of their need in every phase of their life. You teach them the language, communication and later assign tasks for them to perform for your benefit. You help them discover and explore their world, defend them from their enemies and much more. The whole idea is absolutely ingenious and beautifully performed. The whole experience is great and it makes you create a very strong bond between you and your creation, and you start feeling like part god and part parent to them, a very caring and protective bond. Nothing can harm your little offspring! The graphics of the game are also very high and very detailed and definitely help making the experience all the more beautiful. If you like life sim games, you will definitely love this game from the first time you set your eyes on it. There are 6 Creatures games in total, so make sure you check them all out!

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