Creatures 3

Simulation 1999 Windows Mindscape Science Nature simulation

It's like Pokemon in space

If you fancy the idea of a mix of classic puzzlers like Lemmings or strategy games like Populous, then Creatures 3 might just be of interest to you. It's the followup to the earlier Creatures games and adds in a few new elements to keep old fans interested. The whole thing is pretty simple to get into, making it easy for casual players to pick up, but it is also deep enough to keep hardened fans hooked for some time. The game takes place on a space station and requires players to raise, breed and take care of a bunch of weird creatures called Norns. It's all quite abstract and difficult to describe in terms of actual gameplay but most of your time will be spent raising and teaching your little beasts, while also occasionally battling against other little monsters which attack the station. You also need to look after them in the medical center when they get injured as well as breeding them to create more powerful, evolved versions. Creatures 3 really is quite a little delight. For the most part, it is very easy to get into, with a simple interface that makes controlling your creatures a breeze and which makes play a joy. Once you start delving into things however, you find there is so much to explore and experiment with that you will be kept busy for weeks. The visuals are just as attractive as the gameplay, with some charming character and environment designs that give the game a lot of personality. A minor issue is that medical care is a little complex while it can also be a bit difficult keeping track of all your creatures, but apart from this, Creatures 3 is a lot of fun.

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