Simulation 1994 Dos Virgin Interactive Science Nature simulation

Grow your creatures, play with them; great first game

The staples of what the Creatures would become are there, in more or less their final form from this very first begging. In Creatures your task is to breed, care for, play with and generally have fun with your creatures, the Tamagotchi spawns that you wil fall in love with. Yep, this is more of a sandbox game than an action game, the kind where you write your own narrative and your own backstory if you need that; if you don't, you simply play with your creatures, see them interact with the environment and with one another, which, if you are a Sims fan you'll find more than enough. The game's graphics, as its creatures are as cute as they can ever be. This means that you will always have fun with them, will get energized and you will want more! The problems? Well, unlike Creatures 2, in this first game the menus and interactions are not as smooth yet, and so a bit more getting used to will be needed. Also, the roaster of interactions and animations is not as high, but that can be lived with, after all this game was a genre bender/creator, so you can't really be that harsh with it. But yeah, it sure remains playable and lots of fun even today!.

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