Crime Wave

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Access Software Third Person Arcade style

Punk inspired damsel in distress rescue sidescroller!

Crime Wave is a very particular game. It start out in full swing by presenting the premise. You have to save this beautiful lady from her captors, and, for a game released in 1990s, the presentation sure in nice. Then the game starts, and you are faced with a similar graphic take to Mortal Kombat; the enemies and your character are animated by digitizing real world data. However, the distance between two different frames is too laggy to feel good and explosions, enemies, scenery all look kind of fake. But then again, the game follows these graphical rules throughout, so it is more of a question of getting used to them than anything else. In terms of diversity there isn't much to be talked about. You will encounter a dozen or so enemies and a handful of boss characters, and most of the time the aggravating fact will be your character's speed of movement. Yes, missiles can hurl at you at the speed of light, but you barely move and so, avoiding being shot is no longer a question of fast reflexes, but more of a luck contest. Luckily you can move up and down and left and right, though the perspective is a sidescroller one, fixed.

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