Fatal Challenge

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Minh Ma Third Person Arcade style

Fighter fans beware!

Anyone looking for the next Street Fighter 2 to fill their time with might be curious to try this little known and suitably dramatic sounding little fighter. However, to do so would be a chronic mistake as unfortunately it makes for a pretty poor experience. As you might expect, it's a very simple one-on-one fighter where one or two players simply duke it out in order to claim bragging rights over the other (obviously this is slightly more enjoyable if you're playing against a human opponent). However, there are none of the multiple characters you'd expect to see if you've played beat 'em ups like Fatal Fury 3 or Samurai Spirit 2, with just two available and which both seem to have identical moves. This obviously limits the game's long-term appeal immensely while other omissions such as varied landscapes and special moves don't really help matters much. Visually, the game lacks any real appeal with poorly animated characters which are not exactly drawn with skill and are devoid of any personality. Some amusement is to be had from the ridiculously over-the-top sound effects but if you're playing it for that reason, you have too much time on your hands. As far as fighters go, this is probably almost up there with such terrible examples as Rise of the Robots and Tongue of the Fatman, although it doesn't quite hit those heady heights of sheer awfulness. If you're looking for just a short burst of action, then this might just prove serviceable enough but don't go in expecting too much and you won't be let down. Anyone after a decent fighter should look elsewhere though.

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