Crime Patrol

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox American Laser Games Shooter Arcade style

harcore shooting fun

It is an arcade style shooter game which involves hardcore action and rough shooting. The plot with it is that you will go as a police officer and you first role will be that of a rookie, you are required to do a variety of missions successfully so that you can progress among the folds of the police to become a SWAT officer and then ultimately join the Delta team. What excites me the most about this game is that the missions in it are quite realistic where the rookie will be deal with drug lords and gangsters who have a complete network of resources and people working. The ammo that the rookie has is upgradable and as you go to higher ranks, you will be getting improved and advanced weaponry. The gameplay is quite typical like we see in shooter games as it its arcade style but it is quite swift with smooth animations and some very fine controls. The computer versions of this game can be easily played using a mouse. The level designs are creative enough to always keep you guessing about what's waiting up next. The game plays quite in the same passion as with Virtua Cop and both are fantastic ones to have in your collection.

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