Sand Storm

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox MVP Software Third Person Arcade style

Anti aerial shooting range; pretty cool!

Sand Storm is a game that is all about shooting the aerial ships and all sort of other targets that are trying to bombard the little city below, which you are to defend. You control an outpost, that doesn't move about, but you can direct your little tower shooter in any direction within the level; Thus, you can reach all the aircrafts and all the other targets that come at you, without issues. Thus, you will find that it can take a while to get in the groove; the game asks you to shoot carefully, as you have to destroy both the missiles that the aircrafts shoot, as well as the aircrafts. Of course, the missiles are faster, but, if you shoot a plane the threat of missiles is eliminated permanently; thus, Sand Storm takes a while to sink in, as you keep playing and trying to find what exactly you want to reach for, either the missiles or the planes. So, it's entertaining, and graphically, even if very simple, Sand Storm is still pretty well produced and well delivered, which is why it works just fine, for short periods of time. For longer play sessions it's a little more complicated. A similar game, with an emphasis on the targeting is Scorched Earth, where ballistics play an important role more than in Sand Storm.

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